I’ve seen it over and over

I’ve seen it over and over. Have you?

There is blessing for those who trust in God.

They stand on the solid Rock, Who is Christ Jesus.

God’s promises are their anchor. Jesus calms their storms.

Though the world around them may be shaken, they are curiously steady.


Though others fall away to the desires of this world, their eyes continue to look beyond the clouds of the temporary to the light that is eternal.

Yes, their strength is a curious thing for it is born from surrender.


And not just once, but over and over.

For like others, still clothed in earthly bodies, their flesh wages war against their spirits too.

And sometimes they are knocked down.

Sometimes, they are discouraged and distracted.

But, they remember the Name of the Lord. He is their strong tower. They run to Him and His great mercy. Again and again.

The Redeemer is their hope and their strength. As they fall at His feet, day after day, He is the lifter of their heads.

He is their hope for tomorrow when the world around them looks hopeless.

They are more than conquerors because they know nothing can separate them from the love of God.

No power of Hell.
No scheme of man.

Though the world around them seeks to satisfy the flesh in themselves, they have found daily surrender to the Spirit to be life and peace.

Lasting life and peace.

What the world thinks they can obtain by asserting self, they have found in dying to self.

For they remember whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, but those who surrender their lives for the sake of Christ, find it.

They find lasting life and peace.

Yes, it’s a curious thing. But a true thing. I’ve seen it over and over.



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