Do we walk past people with demons inside of them?

Matt 4:23-25

Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons and crowds began to follow Him.

He healed the sick AND cast out demons


And I wonder, I know we have the sick among us today, but what about the demon-possessed?

Do we walk past those who are carrying demons inside of them? Are those who commit horrific acts of evil controlled by demonic spirits?

The New Testament actually talks about demons much more than the Old Testament.

In fact, Eph 6:12 says, “ For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities,against the cosmic powers of this darkness, against evil, spiritual forces in the heavens.”

But if we were to commonly recognize demons among us, the enemy would surely be upset because this would mean we would also logically need to consider the existence of spiritual forces of good, the deity of Christ, and God.

Yes, perhaps the evil one doesn’t want us to call out the evil among us.

One possible example- Tucker Carlson (who characterizes himself as not overtly religious) recently gave a speech at the Heritage Foundation touching on the evil among us and the need for prayer. He was fired just a few days later, and some are reporting he was fired for this content in his speech.

I’m not saying we should look for a demon behind every bush, but I do believe we need to understand demonic forces of evil are at work among us and that they do not want to be seen as such.

I believe they/them prefer to do their bidding in more stealth full ways calling themselves good when they are very much the opposite.

And this is the way of evil -it presents itself as good while twisting truth in order to rob, still and destroy.

Let’s be wise to the evil among us and cling even tighter to what is right and true and good. Let’s test everything.


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