God cherishes women and so should we!

I find myself still thinking about the genealogy in Matthew 1. Not only were several listed in the lineage of Christ who, had blown it and were were amazing examples of God’s grace; but just the fact that women were mentioned is a huge deal.

Huge because many ancient cultures did not value women including the Jewish culture (Jewish men often prayed thanking the Lord that they weren’t created as women!).

But God has always cherished His creation of women.

And even today, some modern cultures and religions devalue women. In some countries women are still not allowed to go school or drive.

And we all shake our modern heads.

But, I would argue that the American culture, is in fact, increasingly devaluing women.

We are told to call men, dressed in women’s clothing, women. So, are we saying all it takes to be a woman is a dress?

That seems like a devaluation!

Others are insisting we call mothers “birthing people”. But men have never endured the pain, nor can they experience the miracle of childbirth!

Some suggest we use the phrase , “chest feeding” instead of breastfeeding. But, only women have breasts that can swell and drip with nourishing milk—milk that men can never, ever, produce. Men cannot feed a baby from their bodies.

The truth is God designed women to do what men can never do, and vice versa. But, even to say this is becoming politically incorrect in our ridiculous society!

God created male and female (Gen 1:27) with different and valuable purposes. We are gloriously different and uniquely valued.

To muddy this is to devalue our unique design and the Creator God who designed us!

We were, in fact, uniquely designed with a gender assigned by our Creator, and all such effort to redefine it and change it is rebellion against an Almighty God!

Friends, we need to see this as such. We need to understand the evil and rebellion behind these movements.

We need to stand for truth and especially work to protect the young from those who prey on confusion and profit from the pharmaceutical and surgical mutilation of children.

Yes, we live in an evil society but to stay silent about these things is irresponsible and dangerous if we care about the world our children and grandchildren (male and female)will inherit.



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