Often, we won’t see the miracle until we do this…

“Wives, submit to your own husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.” (Col 3:18)

Why didn’t Paul start with the next verse about husbands loving their wives? (Col 3:19)

Does he have to be so direct? And aren’t words like “submit” out of style? Can’t we just ignore this?

Not only is the call for wives to submit still relevant and needed today, I believe Paul was intentional about his placement of his instruction.

For the truth is, as wives we are to submit because it is fitting in the Lord regardless of how well we think our husbands are loving us.

We are to obey God.
In all things.

What’s more, we are to do this because the entire well-being of our home can be impacted by our obedience to being the kind of wife God has called us to be.

Maybe your marriage is hard and your husband is not loving you as you think he should. Maybe you need a miracle in your marriage.

Friends, I believe it true that sometimes we won’t see the miracle we are longing for until we take the first step of obedience.

In Mark 11, Jesus told the disciples to go to town where they would find a colt tied. They were instructed to take it and, if anyone asked why to say, “the Lord has need of it.”

And the disciples went.
They just went.

I would have had all sorts of questions and reservations (like couldn’t we get arrested?).

But they went.

Indeed, miraculous things happen when God’s people follow Him in complete surrender.

God may not be asking you to untie a colt, to come against Pharaoh, march circles around Jericho, or to marry a pregnant virgin.

But He does tell us all to do some “more normal “things in His Word like: love our enemies , pray for those who have hurt us, serve others, submit to our husbands, continue meeting with other believers and on and on.

Are we doing those things?

Don’t discount the miraculous things God can do with our “simple” acts of obedience!

And don’t expect God to give you “bigger things” to do if you’ve chosen to ignore Him in the things He has already told you to do in His Word.

If you want to do “big things” for God, if you want to see Him work, start by doing what He has already told you.

But specifically, what does biblical submission look like? Well, let’s talk about that tomorrow.




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