Note from Kim

Last week, I shared a post entitled, “Are you hurting?” regarding how my son was dealing with a hurtful situation in a really good way and the lessons God is teaching. I’ve heard from many who found the post specifically helpful in hurts they are going through.

However, in the original post, I included a short paragraph describing my perception of the hurts my son had encountered. I should have left this paragraph out from the beginning as this made the other person feel like I was throwing stones (to which as I later evaluated my momma-heart, I think I was. (Jer 17:9)). I ended up deleting the paragraph from social media mid-morning after talking with my wise husband.

Because that particular paragraph (it’s not there any longer) was hurtful to the person who hurt my son, I need to apologize. Furthermore,and very importantly, it is not my job to try to define the sin of another or assume to know their motives. For this, I publicly apologize as this paragraph was shared on a public platform.

While I’d like to say I never sin, or share unwisely, that’s just simply not the case. And once again, I’m so thankful for the goodness of our God —His truth and His grace (1 John 1:8-9).

I am also thankful that those who are in Christ, are not defined by their past, present, or future sins, but by the finished work of the Cross. This is no small thing and another reason to celebrate the CHRIST of Christmas.

And one more thing, though those we have trusted will fail and hurt us, God never will. He’s the One we can count on, and run to, again and again.

Circumstances in this life may make us want to believe God has failed us when hurtful times come, but when we pause and think about what Christ has done for us, we know that’s simply not true. (Lam 3:19-24)

As always, I invite you test everything I write and only hold on to the good. I’m VERY far from perfect, but I know Who is!

Thanks so much!


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