We have to understand our battle is not against flesh and blood.

Paul knew he could confidently send Timothy because Timothy had that rare trait of not just focusing on his own needs but looking to the interests of others and the things which are of Christ. (Phil 2:21-22)

But this rare trait, Timothy possessed, is a trait we should all strive to have.

Timothy saw the world with an eternal perspective.

He understood his battle was not against flesh and blood, but that spiritual forces were at work around him to deceive the hearts and minds of men.

There were lost in need of salvation. Captives needing to be set free.
Deceived in need of truth.
Weary in need of encouragement.

Timothy had served with Paul for about ten years when Paul wrote this letter. Paul had called him a son in the faith and Timothy was learning the family business well!

And isn’t this the kind of “family business” we should all strive to pass on to our kids and grandkids? And if we don’t have biological children, as Paul did not, we should seek to pass this on to sons and daughters in the faith.

Let’s be people who impact those around us to live out the Great Commission!

Let’s look beyond our own wants and needs to those around us. Do they know the Lord? Are they able to see Jesus in me?

One of my favorite songs right now helps me remember the goal, “Less Like Me” https://youtu.be/hawc0emHq8c

I just want to be a little less like me and a little more like Jesus each day. I’m asking Him to open my eyes to those around me in need of encouragement. I asking Him to use everything that comes my way to further His Kingdom. I’m asking Him to help me speak truth, in a loving way, when it needs to be spoken.

And I’m noticing these prayers are not only giving me renewed purpose, in these hard days, but also greater peace.

And you know, that’s just one more way, that as we surrender more and more to Jesus, we are the ones who are blessed.

What a Savior!


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