Should we judge the motives of others?

Not everyone who preaches Christ does so with pure motives or a pure heart. Some do so out of selfish ambition, not out of love, some even to add to afflictions of those who do preach with sincerity.

But Paul says, basically, “so what?!” He will still rejoice because Christ is preached. (read Phil 1:15-18)

The Enduring Word lends great insight to this passage- “ Paul’s attitude went like this: “If you preach the true gospel, I don’t care what your motives are. If your motives are bad, God will deal with you – but at least the gospel is preached. But if you preach a false gospel, I don’t care how good your motives are. You are dangerous and must stop preaching your false gospel, and good motives don’t excuse your false message.”

So here’s our take-away, let’s stop trying to judge the motives of others, but let’s be quick to test everything they are saying. If their message is true to the Word, REJOICE!

However, If they are preaching a false gospel, speak up, refute it, and walk away from their teaching!

And in these days we are living, where platforms are so easily had, and messages are quickly shared, we absolutely have to be careful to use discernment. Just because someone has a large following does not mean their message is biblically sound.

And, here’s something else—just because someone has spoken truth in the past, does not mean he/she cannot get off track. Let’s be especially aware of this. Let’s continue to test everything we hear.

Lately, I’ve been dismayed to hear some, from whom I’ve learned so much biblical truth in the past, veer away from truth, and instead, speak, post, and tweet a culturally-pleasing, empty, self-focused, message.

Again, let’s test everything. Let’s hold onto the good, so we can abstain from every form of evil. (1 Thess 5:21-22).

Let’s test everything and walk forward in truth! May we rejoice when the gospel is preached!

And, may we stand for the freedoms in this country that allow the gospel to be preached!


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