Which pic is the SEXY pose?

So moms, can you recognize what a sexy pose looks like? How about you dads?

You know which one, right?

Yes, yes you do.

My question then is why, on earth, do you not ask your daughters to stop posting such? Are you keeping tabs on their posts? If not, you better start!

Friends, some of these kids are not yet even teenagers, but they have the sultry stare, and sensual lips poses perfected.

Do you think this is healthy?

Good grief, it’s SO FAR from it! Sexy poses attract sexual predators.

At the very least, the obsessive, posed,self-focus is unhealthy.
Help your kids choose better! Help them enjoy being kids!

Parents, you are called to love and protect your children .

Read the comments they get on these posts. “You’re so beautiful” “You’re so hot!”

You should be guiding them to better, rather than standing back and watching them enslave themselves to the fickle praise of others through social media “likes” and comments.

Help them find worth in who they are rather than what they look like or who they can attract.

And, if you find yourself enjoying the attention your child is getting in this way, perhaps you need to check your own heart.

Here’s the truth- Your kids’ accolades will never be enough to fill you up whether on a ball field or a social media screen.

If this is your focus, one day, you will likely find you’ve pushed your kid away, and you’ve come up empty.

What’s more, they may be involved in all kinds of gut-wrenching trouble because you’ve forsaken the high calling you’ve had as their parent to protect them and guide them to God’s best in their lives.

Oh friends, choose better. Help them to choose better and point them to the ways of Christ instead of the empty, fake, misery-making ways of this world.



4 thoughts on “Which pic is the SEXY pose?

  1. You have really nailed this. Thank you for your honesty and concern for these young people and your concern for the parents that is allowing this behavior.


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