Jesus was quick to love those caught up in sin. But….

It has happened again. God seems to be repeating Himself with me a lot lately.

I’m not the sharpest nail in the box, but when He says things twice, I tend to pay attention!

My daughter, Abi, was recounting a dream she had about John 8 and the woman caught in adultery. She talked about how very vivid the dream seemed.

Two days later, I “flop” my Bible open to the same passage.

Now, I normally approach reading the Word in an orderly fashion (not the “flop-open” method), but I couldn’t help but pause over the “coincidence”.

In these weeks leading up to Easter, I’ve been thinking a lot about people who had encounters with Jesus.

Yesterday, I thought about the two criminals on the crosses beside the Savior . And today the woman caught in adultery.

The world, and especially those caught up in sin, love the part about Jesus not condemning her; but many ignore the rest of His sentence in John 8:11.

In the passage, all those who were about to stone her have dropped their stones and walked away. Jesus tells her that He does not condemn her either, but then He says, “Go and sin no more.”

And I wonder, in our desire to not condemn anyone and make everyone feel loved, are we truly loving them if we never talk to them about walking away from sin?

Sin. It may feel good in the moment but it is all, eventually, misery-making.

And while our Savior was quick to love those caught up in sin, He never suggested they should remain in it. He spoke truth. He lived truth, and He expects His followers to walk in truth and flee those things the Bible calls sin.

Yes, we all still sin. We all still “step” in sin, but if you are walking in sin, as a lifestyle…Walk away. Because all sin stinks!

And, If you care about others, who you know are caught up in sin, and you never, ever, get around to talking to them about that sin, you are not truly loving them.

Your friendship may just be making them more comfortable in the wrong they are doing.

What’s more, your silence on the subject may come across as support. And how can we love others if we support things that hurt them?

As Christ followers, let’s follow Him.

Let’s dig deeply in His Word, and apply it to our lives so that others may be drawn to Him. For nothing this world has to offer, no sin, no temporary joy can compare to the blessing of walking with the Savior.

Will you please pray for God to guide me as I write? Thanks so much.

One thought on “Jesus was quick to love those caught up in sin. But….

  1. A good blog.
    How can one know what another is doing if see that person infrequently? Usually I do not see person when sins.


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