I need your help

Friends- I could use your help. Because of a recent devotional that angered some involved in a culturally popular sin, my book, Truth to Hold On To, has been targeted on Amazon and they’ve left some nasty reviews (I’m sure they didn’t read it). If you have read it, and would leave an honest review, I would so appreciate it. I would also appreciate your prayers to seek the Lord and do all things for His glory alone. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “I need your help

  1. I already left a review, so I can’t leave another one. However, I did report all of the one star reviews that were conveniently left on the same day 🤔

    Lisa C Graves



  2. Hi Kim,

    So sorry to see this. I reported these reviews as abusive on Amazon. They are clearly hateful and not relevant book reviews.

    All I can say is the enemy must be super scared and intimidated by you to make such a fuss! Thank you for having the boldness, courage and love to speak the truth. The weapon may be formed but it won’t prosper!

    Praying for you to be doubly blessed for this trouble!


    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Kim, You wrote a very inspirational true account of your life. It had lots of emotion, but mostly love. You’re awesome and a beautiful vessel of God’s love, and nobody could ever convince me of anything else.


  4. Read your book! Found it comforting, as someone who has experienced suicide twice in my family, it gave me peace! Left a review just now!


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