Keep giving. That’s where real world change happens.

Jesus had just spoken of those who love to be seen and revered by others when He notices a poor widow quietly giving all of the little she had. (Luke 21)

He contrasts how she gave all she had out of her poverty with those who give just an offering out of their abundance.

Jesus characterized the value of the gift by what it costs the giver. (see Enduring Word app).

And with that, we know our Savior’s words apply to much more than money.

How much does it cost me to forgive someone who hasn’t asked for my forgiveness and is not sorry at all, and may never be?

How much does it cost to pray for our enemies, those who absolutely desire to hurt and persecute us?

How much does it cost us to love the unlovely?
To help those who can do nothing for us? To serve in that hard, thankless, messy ministry?
To patiently care for that elderly spouse with dementia?
To suffer long with that rebellious child?
To stay with that lost spouse?

It costs a lot.
Sometimes, it feels like so very much.

But let’s keep giving because that is where real world-change occurs.

Let’s keep giving, because our Savior sees our gift, even if no one else ever does.

Let’s be like David, who God described as “ man after His own heart”, (Acts 13:22) and let’s refuse to offer to God that which costs us nothing (1 Chron 21:24).

Let’s give what’s hard to give.
Let’s keep giving.
Our Savior did just that.

He gave all.




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