Do you want real change?

We can want physical change, and social change, and all sorts of change, but if we don’t have a changed heart that runs to Jesus, none of that change matters.

If our goal is to change the world for any cause other than Christ—political, social or physical, we are missing the mark and the changes we might bring are only, ever, temporary.

Jesus was traveling to Jerusalem when he meets ten lepers joined together by their painful circumstances. (Luke 17:11-19)

There were Jews and Samaritans but none of that mattered anymore because leprosy had made them brothers in pain.

And they all desperately wanted to be healed. They wanted change.

And while Jesus healed them all of their leprosy, only one became truly well.

Only one.

Only one turned back to give praise and glory to God, to which Jesus replied, “Your faith has made you well.” (Luke 17:19)

The original Greek word for “well” , sózó, is used primarily to describe “God rescuing believers from the penalty and power of sin – and into His provisions (safety).” (Strong’s Concordance)

The lepers desperate circumstances had changed but only one was said to have faith that made him well….eternally well.

The fact is, we can want Jesus to fix other people’s problems, but if we never tell them about Jesus have we truly helped them?

Aren’t they still dead men walking?

Oh, things may improve for a while; but without a changed heart, human hearts will go right back to looking for hope in other forms—money, drugs, human relationships, government, political figures, worldly acclaim and on and on.

But a grateful heart who runs to Jesus, who realizes from Whom eternal blessings flow, will be eternally well.

Jesus is the answer.

Jesus is the source of any real, lasting change. He is what we need for our current problems and everything we will every face.

Any good in us, or that will come through us, will come from our running back to Him each day with a thankful heart and allowing that love to flow through us in a way that others will want Jesus too… for who He is!

He is the only hope!!

He is real change!

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