When you love a lost sheep

It’s easy to feel forgotten. It’s easy to think God does not care about what our weary worn hearts care about.

But He does.

He cares about the one. The each one. The lost ones and the messed-up ones.

In Luke 15, Jesus was eating with sinners and the religious leaders are shocked.

Jesus then tells the famous parable of leaving the ninety-nine to find the one lost sheep. (Luke 15:4-7)

To those law-following Jews, it is radical to think that a Holy God would pursue a lost soul who did nothing to get themselves to Him.

Think about it, that lost sheep was probably munching away on grass oblivious to the fact it was lost or that danger lurked all around.

But the Shepard was looking for that sheep. He did not stop pursuing that lost sheep!

And when you love a lost sheep, you are apt to worry about that lost sheep!

BUT when you remember the King of Kings who sees all and knows all, who loves perfectly, who intervenes and rescues, is continually pursuing your lost sheep, you can find rest.

This truth, remembering THIS truth, is real rest for the worried momma heart.

God has His eyes on the lost sheep, your lost sheep, and He is continually pursuing them in ways we cannot see.

Let’s keep praying. Let’s keep hoping because we have reason to hope! Because as much as we want them to be found, our faithful Father wants it even more!

And our mighty, pursuing, chase-them-down-God is the One who rejoices most of all over the lost sinner who is found!

May our hearts praise Him more and worry less!


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