Not today Satan!

You know the evil one does not want you to believe the promises of God, right?

Genesis contains promises of God that are foundational to our faith. Oh, how I love to hear the crinkling of the pages as I open the living, breathing, promise-filled Word of God!

As I turn to Genesis 12, God has blessed Abram and he is packing his bags in obedience to leave country and family.

God told Abram that He would make him a great nation (Gen 12:2) and “bless those who bless you and curse him who curses you” (Gen 12:3)

God goes further to promise Abram, “And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Gen 12:3)

Oh, slow down, let’s understand the magnitude of God’s promise to Abram and it’s impact on us today!

Through Abram’s (later renamed Abraham by God) descendants would come the Messiah. Jesus the Christ! The rescuer of our souls.

God would fulfill His promise.

God WILL fulfill ALL His promises both to the Nation of Israel and to those who call Him Lord. But the enemy will continue to do all he can do to cause us to believe He will not.

PLEASE read that again and understand the goal of the enemy is to wage war on your heart and mind to try to cause you to doubt God.

He probably tried it yesterday. He will likely try today, and he won’t stop tomorrow.

You may be cuddled up on the couch right now with a snuggly blanket, your Bible and a cup of piping hot coffee; but friend, you are in a war zone!

As we study the Word, as we go through the day, let’s be aware of the schemes of the evil one. Let’s refute his lies and do the work of God which is to believe in Him whom He sent (John 6:29).

Let’s be encouraged that the more we get to know God through His Word, the more we will be able to take those “doubt-God-thoughts”, (that seem to come out of nowhere), captive.

The more we know the Word, the more we will recognize our Father’s voice so we can more easily obey Him; and as we obey Him, thats how our Lord guides us to His best and protects us.

Oh friend, our Father is a promise keeper! The pages of scripture assure us of this over and over.

It’s true, His ways are not our ways, sometimes we won’t understand what He is doing; but for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, we can know He is working all things together for our good. (Rom 8:28)

What a Savior!


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